We create a sense of community amongst your residents, customers, members, and employees
We connect your residents, customers, members, and employees to your surrounding area




At Motion Events, we provide more than events. We use different strategies to increase your retention and occupancy rates and highlight your appreciation for your residents, customers, members, and employees


Your resident, customer, member, and employee amenity control panel

earn revenue

Maximize your earning potential with new revenue streams

priotize retention

Save money and time with your custom retention program

increase satisfaction

Improve your satisfaction rating with valuable amenities


Secure more business with market proven branded services

Get in touch

What happens next?

When you request a demo with the team, we will take you through a nine-minute presentation and show you how it all works.

We’ll also discuss our 100% complimentary services and additional revenue streams, and make recommendations to help optimize your opportunity to build community and add strength to your existing business.

Once partnered, our team will happily operate and manage each service you’re interested in so your team doesn’t have to.